A Message from McMasher:

It’s been a while since we released an official video. We’re just not too keen on slapping together tons of day-edits and parktages (sorry to all you hungry scooter news media sites). The Homies always wanted each HG video to feel special and re-watchable, like the vids you watch every morning before a solid shred session. With the release of our very first signature grip via Homie Dan “DB” Barrett, we had to put together something super-slothy-special. Dan’s been a true Homie since Day One (Día Número Uno for all our Spanish followers). Moreover, his fancy footwork pioneered an innovative style of riding. Hella Grip is just the Sacagawea to his Lewis & Clark mission, helping him guide those fancy feet in the right direction. Alas, DB finally made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean…TWICE! That’s right, we flew Dan out to Oakland, CA for two separate weekends of shredding with the local Homies, and he managed to destroy all the spots we toured. More importantly, DB’s awesome talent is heavily cloaked in a veil of unrivaled chillness. We hope this video demonstrates both sides of his character: Hardcore Shredder & Hardcore Chiller, which is the perfect recipe for a Hardcore Homie. If you support that, then please watch the video and/or purchase some DB Sig Grip from your favorite retailer. We’ll also have specialty packs available through the Official Hella Grip Webstore (including DB Sig shirts, beanies, bottle-openers, koozies, and stickers). HEADS UP: These special DB packs (painstakingly hand-assembled over several days by I, The Boss McMasher, will be solely available at HellaGrip.com (don’t bother begging your local shop to carry these sweet gems) — Hope the vid gets you hyped enough to get off your damn phone and out on the streets. Be sure to send Mr. Barrett a thank you message when you’re done watching. After all, he did manage to pull this video off with just a handful of ride-days. Now none of us have an excuse for a lack of footy. Even if you hate the vid for some dumb reason, at least compliment Dan’s sexy beard (RIP DB’s sexy beard as of last week)… Stay Slothy

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