RAW : Issac Miller “HG in Baltimore”

August 16, 2017By hellagripBlog

“If you woke up today expecting a fresh episode of @clickbaitcrew , you’re going to be heartbroken to discover such an episode is yet to exist. Don’t start crying into your pillow… We’ve got an excellent consolation video: Fresh off the meat hooks within Hella Grip’s slaughterhouse freezer is a hefty slab of RAW Issac Miller (@i.shack) footage, finely aged from the days of “Hella Grip in Baltimore.” Stick your teeth right into the gristle-filled chunk of epicenes and enjoy the footage-coma after your done devouring every last morsel…” by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher) .

To watch the original edit ‘HG in Baltimore: https://youtu.be/q93ZTJ5Sc3o

This is what 2 weeks in Baltimore, a day in DC and a day in Philly gets you. Crew included HG Homies Logan Fuller, Zack Martin, Matt McKeen, Josh Young & Issac Miller! Thanks to Logan, Frank and Neil for letting us stay, J-Cott Dyno Clutch OGs, Carroll Park Locals, Stefan Brandow and Josh, Anybody who buys Hella Grip!

Filming:Josh Young Zack Martin, Matt McKeen & Logan Fuller
Camera: Panasonic DVX100a/Century Mark II Fisheye


August 9, 2017By hellagripBlog

Season 1: Episode 09

The beef between riders bas been so hot we can hear it sizzle. There’s only one solution for this pent-up aggression that combines a release of rage with a fury of fun: HALF FIGHT CLUB & HALF SKATE PARK. We set up our first prizefight between two well-known shredders and mutual haters. The time for blood is now!!!

Featuring: Andrew Haag, Dan Barrett, Kirk Svensson, Tyler Wheeland, Grant “Shotgun” Schofield, Josh Young, Cooper Klaar, Issac Miller, Stefan Hefner, Anton Abramson, David Coe, Kevin Closson, Patrick Nguyen, Allen Tran, Ryan Myers, Jonny 2B & Addison McNaughton.