“If you woke up today expecting a fresh episode of @clickbaitcrew , you’re going to be heartbroken to discover such an episode is yet to exist. Don’t start crying into your pillow… We’ve got an excellent consolation video: Fresh off the meat hooks within Hella Grip’s slaughterhouse freezer is a hefty slab of RAW Issac Miller (@i.shack) footage, finely aged from the days of “Hella Grip in Baltimore.” Stick your teeth right into the gristle-filled chunk of epicenes and enjoy the footage-coma after your done devouring every last morsel…” by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher) .

To watch the original edit ‘HG in Baltimore: https://youtu.be/q93ZTJ5Sc3o

This is what 2 weeks in Baltimore, a day in DC and a day in Philly gets you. Crew included HG Homies Logan Fuller, Zack Martin, Matt McKeen, Josh Young & Issac Miller! Thanks to Logan, Frank and Neil for letting us stay, J-Cott Dyno Clutch OGs, Carroll Park Locals, Stefan Brandow and Josh, Anybody who buys Hella Grip!

Filming:Josh Young Zack Martin, Matt McKeen & Logan Fuller
Camera: Panasonic DVX100a/Century Mark II Fisheye