RAW: Zack Martin – ‘Hella Classic Colorway’

January 24, 2021By hellagripBlog

To watch the original edit: https://youtu.be/nd6wsPjzJbY

“Newly minted Hella Grip Homie Zack Martin aka Martini has been slaying the streets for past couple of years. When we reached out to him about joining the homies and shooting a welcome to video, the resulting footage was so gnarly we had to give him his own colorway. As the 2nd recipient of a Hella Classic Colorway Martini has more than earned his ranks as Hella Grip Homie and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him on board. And now a message from the man himself: “thank you to Proto Scooters for keeping me rolling. Skyhigh & ADVCT, Cameron Poe for housing me and of course Hella Grip for making this all possible. Big ups to Brendan Kelly, Adison McNaughton & Johnny “2B” Tubes. And to anyone else that helped me out along the way of filming this, thank you!”

CLICK BAIT CREW: Urban Treasure Hunting [S3, Ep4]

January 19, 2021By hellagripBlog

Did you know that most metropolitan areas have tons of manholes and utility grates with an unknown amount of urban treasure hiding underneath? The homies use their piratey instincts do discover a hefty load of hidden booty in this exploratory episode of Click Bait Crew.

S My SD9 (ScooterCon 2015)

January 17, 2021By hellagripBlog

“S My SD9 (ScooterCon 2015)” HG Homies head down to San Diego for “Scooter Con 9″(2015). Video features Addy McMasher, Zach Fuller, George Justiniano, Big Ron, Jake Sorensen, Andrew Haag, Andrew Broussard, Tyler Bonner, Hep Greg, Ryan Gould, Stefan Hefner & Dan Barrett. Music by Morgan Foster..