HG Homie Dylan Morrison Sig AO Deck (w/ Hella Grip included)

January 21, 2019By hellagripBlog

“Hella Grip Homie Dylan Morrison ( @dmorrisonnn ) recently released his @ao_scooters complete, and we’re obviously super stoked that his signature deck includes a sheet of Dylan-designed Hella Grip. We’re hella diggin’ the tattoo theme. Be sure to support the homie and check out his signature deck and full complete at your local store or favorite online retailer. A very special thanks to Dylan and AO for including Hella Grip in the griptape collabo.” by the Boss McMasher ( @mcmasher )..

Hella Classic Colorway: Patrick Nguyen

January 1, 2019By hellagripBlog

Tha Homie Patrick Nguyen loves fresh starts, so he’s celebrating the start of a new year by gifting y’all his Hella Grip Signature Colorway Video. Hella Grip’s “Crimson Nguyen” grips ‘n’ griptape are still available for purchase.

Filming & Editing: Anton Abramson | Additional Filming: John Radtke, Jack Colston, Trevor Crowell, Jonny “2B” Verducci, Ryan Myers.