Hella Grip in Baltimore

November 24, 2016By hellagripBlog

“This is what 2 weeks in Baltimore, a day in DC and a day in Philly gets you. Crew includes HG Homies Logan Fuller, Zack Martin, Matt McKeen, Josh Young, and the newest Hella Grip Homie Issac Miller! Thanks to Logan, Amelia, Frank and Neil for letting us stay, J-Cott Dyno Clutch OGs, Carroll Park Locals, Stefan Brandow and Josh, Anybody who buys Hella Grip!” by HG Homie Josh Young.

Special Guest Clip: J-Cott
Filming/Editing: Josh Young
Additional Filming: Zack, Issac, Matt, Logan
Camera: Panasonic DVX100a/Century Mark II Fisheye

“What can one say about Issac Miller that hasn’t been said already? All I can say is that when I saw his heelwhip-to-barspin over the wall drop at the Tilt 1 Premier, I nearly vomited as I was thrown back into my chair by the epicness of that trick (maybe it was all the beers we snuck in too). Rarely do you witness a shredder who can commit to gnarly tech tricks and also go hella buck at spots. We’ve kicked it with Issac on a few occasions, and it’s always been a chill experience. Hella Grip homies, Josh Young, Logan Fuller, Matt McKeen, and Zack Martin recently destroyed the streets of Baltimore with Issac, and documented all the mayhem. You can’t watch the new “HG in Baltimore” video and not instantly notice the homie-ness oozing out of Mr. Miller’s pores. On this festively amazing slothy day of food gluttony in America, we’re more than incredibly stoked to announce that Issac Miller is an official Hella Grip Homie. I can/can’t believe the effort Issac put into this latest HG video, especially for a quick trip video. Gotta give love to Josh, Logan, Matt, and Zack for destroying in the video as well (Double props to Mr. Young for filming/editing like a boss). We’re hella thankful for continuing to have the opportunity to grow the Hella Grip family with the addition of Homie Issac. To the rest of the homies and shredders out there, enjoy the rest of the day with your own family, and give thanks to the turkey who sacrificed it’s life today so that Issac could fill his belly and have enough energy to keep up the keeping-up (My apologies to the vegetarians who have to witness the day’s blood-bath).” by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher)

Concrete: Ryan’s Birthday Boner Bash

November 18, 2016By hellagripBlog

Concrete homie Ryan Myers had a birthday a while back and all he wished for when he blew out his candles was for birthday sesh..

Featuring: Matt Tyler, Jake Sorensen, Kevin Closson, Anton Abramson, Grant Schofield, Trevor Crowell, Pat Nguyen, Danilla, David Coe, Addy McMasher, Jack Kopp, Berkely Ricky, Paul Rickman & Andrew Haag..