Hella Classic Colorway – Ryan Myers

October 4, 2018By hellagripBlog

@ryanmyers007 or Ryan Myers [aka Ry Ry (pronounced Rye Rye like the bread, not Ree Ree like Rhianna)] is a person, to say the least. He’s much more than a person, however. He’s a friend, a brother, a son, a future great grandfather, and maybe a future world leader (Someone’s gonna need to govern Mars eventually). Most importantly, he’s a humble Hella Grip Homie and the non-self-proclaimed Full-Whip King. Such a king deserves only the royalist of royalties. Hence, the Ryan Myers signature Hella Grip Classic Colorway. Featuring hues of royal purple and gold-leaf yellow, Ryan’s signature colorway is meant for the noble offspring of the sacred Shredders bloodline. This sacred sheet is also an homage to the luxurious purple shirt, or should I say armor, that Ryan dons during his epic shred conquests. We’re going the extra distance with this colorway and printing it on our extra grippy Formula-G sheets (6 x 24 inch). Be sure to cop a sheet from your local scooter shop soon, so Royal Ry Ry can receive his royalty payment (Even the noblest of nobles have bills to pay)..” by the Boss McMasher ( @mcmasher )..