Sloth Marley Rolling Tray

August 17, 2020By hellagripBlog

”Yuuuuup! We made a rolling tray!!! Sloth Marley couldn’t be confined to a sheet of griptape. He’s far too chill and adventurous for that sort of thing. These metallic trays offer up a vast one-dimensional expanse upon which to roll whatever your imagination desires (6.25in x 10.5in of vast expanse to be precise). Alternatively, it’s super useful for holding various small parts and tools while fixing up your scooter (Just be sure to wipe off any grease before rolling again). Currently, you can only find these trays at the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. Roll on!” By the Boss McMasher..

LineOut Sloth – Black : Griptape (Transparent)

August 15, 2020By hellagripBlog

The Lineout Sloth logo was the very first logo to be released on our Transparent sheets of griptape. We’ve re-released Lineout Sloth, but in black ink instead of white. Each sheet is still printed on our Transparent, Formula-T griptape.

Broadway Griptape (Transparent)

August 14, 2020By hellagripBlog

If you’re thinking that Hella Grip should have released a Broadway-inspired griptape years ago, then we have no choice but to agree with you (Just to be clear, we’re talking about Broadway handlebar grips, not the New York theater scene. We’re saving the “Hamilton” and “Kinky Boots” collabo sheets for another time). Fortunately, you can now match your beloved Broadway grips with a sheet of Broadway griptape. Each sheet of Broadway griptape features the well-known hatch design printed in white ink our Transparent sheets of griptape. These sheets are available at the Hella Grip Sloth Shop and participating retailers (aka legit retailers). Be sure to peep the Broadway Longsleeve shirts while you’re browsing the shop as well.

HG XL Griptape (Transparent)

August 13, 2020By hellagripBlog

The Hella Classic XL logo was one of the original logos from our first year of production. I recently reviewed the writeup for that release, and it was filled with some wild threats and classic ridiculousness (“It’s probably more rare than Jesus”… What does that even mean?). Given that Hella Grip has morally evolved since that release, I don’t feel required to threaten y’all today. I’d rather just give a friendly notice that the Hella Classic XL logo has returned… but in new form. We’ve changed the logo from white to black and placed it one our 6 x 24 inch Transparent Grip (aka Formula-T). I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting this grip to look as dope as it does, and I can’t wait to see how it looks on all the whips out there. Be sure to tag us if you’re slappin’ this sheet..

Broadway Long Sleeve Shirt

August 12, 2020By hellagripBlog

🧬”The first Hella Grip handlebar grip design, knows as the Broadway grip, features a carefully constructed pattern of alternating square hatches. You’ve no-doubt seen this pattern on other items around your town since the release of the Broadway grips, such as on doormats, manholes, and playground balls (it’s a universally grippy design). The design is so attractive and universal that we figured we might as well add it to Hella Grip shirts and griptape as well. The Broadway Longsleeve Shirt features the now-infamous hatch logo on both sleeves and includes our LONG LIVE THE SLOTH logo on the chest. We loved the design so much that we had to release the shirt in two different colorways, white-on-black and blue-on-white. You can match the shirt with your favorite pair of Broadway grips. Be sure to check out the Broadway Longsleeve on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. You can also check out our Broadway handlebar grips on the shop or at your local dealer (if they know what’s good). Keep those arms warm if you’re suffering through those winter months or protect them from sunburn if you’re out in the heat (It’s a win-win!)” by the Boss McMasher ..