Proto X Hella Grip : Tribute Wheel

May 10, 2019By hellagripBlog

“The Homies have craved a Hella Grip wheel collaboration for daaaays. Obviously nobody would pass up on such an opportunity, especially if it were a collabo with the greatest scooter wheel brand of all time… aka PROTO (Yea, we’re claimin’). Sure, there have been (and there are) other respectable wheel producers in the game, but anyone with basic knowledge of PROTO and Hella Grip’s history could correctly assume why we’d team-up for this hella historical wheel design. I call this wheel historical because it pays tribute to a time that many current riders never experienced (or may have forgotten). A time when almost every rider had a Razor scooter, and then only thing you could do to make it fancier was to bolt the folding mechanism and hot-glue your wheel cores (I never did the hot glue thing ‘cause Razor hooked me up with all wheels I needed, and I have no shame in bragging about it). A few pioneers eventually emerged and offered after-market products that could lift scooters out of the Dark Age (or the Golden Age… depending on which OG’s you gossip with). This wheel collabo was consummated in honor of those times and pioneers… hence its visual familiarity and apt official title, “PROTO Tribute Grippers – Hella Grip Collaboration” (“Hella PROTO Tribute Wheel” is also acceptable, and probably preferred by most homies). We’re honored that Proto would consider doing this wheel with us, and even more stoked to share this concept with the masses of nostalgic riders. The summer of love is fast approaching, and me thinks the Hella PROTO Tribute wheels are just the pair y’all are gonna need to take a firm grip on the season of shredding.” by the Boss McMasher .. #HellaPROTOgrippers