RAW: Dan Barrett – Sig Grip Promo

May 31, 2018By hellagripBlog

HG Homie Dan Barrett’s original “Sig Grip Promo” was released on Jun 5th 2015. It’s the first “Sig” griptape made by Hella Grip. Link for original video: https://youtu.be/e2aEFJsqGeU

Filmed by Jonny 2b, Zach Fuller, Brendan Kelley


May 29, 2018By hellagripBlog

Just when you think we’ve overcome enough physical barriers in our quest for salvation, the gods see fit to erect a monumental blocker amongst our sacred session. An inconsolable gentleman was furious with our efforts to surmount a lofty, yet holy, bump-to-bar at the local temple. The honorable protestor was willing to sacrifice its body for the sake of busting our earned right to shred. Perhaps our persistent efforts will be rewarded in this soon-to-be-groundbreaking Episode 2…

Featuring: Danila Popov, Anton Abramson, Patrick Nguyen, Ryan Myers, 2B & Addy McMasher.

RAW: Issac Miller “Hella Ruthless”

May 24, 2018By hellagripBlog

The largest gathering of Hella Grip Homies to ever occur was witnessed last month. Over the period of two weeks, the events were captured by the one & only Mr. Josh Young. With some key contributions from the Bay Area own ‘Concrete Crew’, all the homies were able to contribute to a video that went way above and beyond what we were hoping to accomplish. This is Hella Ruthless..

To watch the original edit “Hella Ruthless”: https://youtu.be/Q3kSgDPlewo

Filmed & Edited: Josh Young.

Additional Filming:Jonny 2B, Zack Martin, David Coe, Jake Sorensen & Tyler Wheeland.

Camera: Panasonic DVX100a with Opteka 0.3x Ultra Fisheye.


May 22, 2018By hellagripBlog

Well, the homies are finally at it again! A sudden tsunami of fortune and fame forced the crew into an extended hiatus following the release of our critically acclaimed CLICK BAIT CREW: SEASON 1. The deluge of awards, high-circulation magazine spreads, and invites to all the poshest clubs floated our egos to a breaking point. While wallowing in the depths of our flooded minds, an unassuming being with a seemingly appropriated sense of fashion happened to provide us with a life-preserving ring of hope. Or so we thought…

That brings up to the subject of CLICK BAIT CREW: VOLUME 2
Our recent struggle to rescue ourselves from our reputations was fraught with click-baity barriers. The Pro Rapper-Scooter-Kid would turn out to be one of our first and greatest challenges of the journey. Fortunately, we gathered the evidence to expose the true story of this cultural-appropriating wannabe wordsmith. Enjoy Episode 1.

Featuring: Andrew Haag, Anton Abramson, Ryan Myers, Paul Rickman, 2B, McMasher, BK & Allen Tran.