“This may come as a shock to some of you but, for us, this is classic Zack Martin (aka Martini; “Shaken, not stirred.” – James Bond reference… never mind, moving on)! After releasing an insane edit just a couple weeks ago, Zack’s already got another edit ready to rock the Internet airwaves (and cable fibers, of course). Granted, it’s not like he got ALL this footy in the last week, but it’s enough to prove that this homie is a non-stop shredder and steady clip-stacker. This week’s insane Zack Martin edit is meant to celebrate the drop of his Hella Grip Signature Colorway (Sorry Jake, but your colorway is sooooo last season). It’s almost been too long since Hella Grip has dropped a new sig colorway, so the entire Griptape Community owes Mr. Martini a solid PROPS for working his olives off to get this project finalized (Did you catch that second martini drink reference? Y’all are probs too young to get it, no offense. Though I’m not sure why y’all would you be offended since youth is a virtue to be envied. But who am I to say?). Anyways, Zack is a true homie (like all HG homies), so we’re super stoked to see him destroying every spot he touches and keeping up one of the chilliest attitudes possible in the process. Being that my favorite color is Green (or Purple if I’m feeling a little frisky), I was more than super stoked when I found out that the homie Zack was using Green for his sig colorway. Admittedly, I was also tad bit jealous as well, but I think I’ll learn to live with it after some intense therapy sessions. However, the next homie to get a sig colorway better not even think of using Purple. As per usual, Zack’s sheets will be available in all the dope shops that know how to spot legit-ness. More importantly, use this opportunity to show support for a true shredder and a true homie (support your local shop as well, obvi). Thanks again, Zack! Keep that money-green footy coming.” – the Boss McMasher @mcmasher