“It’s always a great day when we officially welcome a friend as a Hella Grip Homie. Today is bound to be one of those great days… heck, let’s be ballsy and predict a great week! Kirk Svensson has made quite a home for himself in the Bay Area, but our good times with Kirk extend way back to his Midwest days. I know it’s frustratingly cliché at this point to label someone as “chill” and “sick” but Kirk is, without a doubt, one of the chillest homies on the block, and he’s seriously sick when it comes to shredding. For someone who wasn’t born ‘n’ raised in California, he’s got the Cali vibes through ‘n’ through. Those vibes aren’t the ultimate reason why we’re here today. We’re here because Kirk has been there for the fellow Homies on local mission and long trips. We’re also here because he’s a mad man that will tear himself to pieces to get a clip (He also knows when it’s better to call it quits and crack open a domestic brewskie… or a Modelo). He’s stoked as fuck on life, and we’re stoked to be around stoked people (it’s contagious). Kirk is a guy you want on your missions, whether it’s for quick park sesh, an all-day-long city streets mission, or an afternoon of ditching the scoots and shredding the waves instead (cool, brah). Cheers to Kirk for unknowingly and casually becoming the homiest of homies! Time to celebrate and crack open a few icy Modelos.” By the Boss @mcmasher ..