The Breakfast (or BRKFST ) boys from SLO (San Luis Obispo) have been holding it down for their local county these past couple years. With so much understandable attention focused on Northern and Southern California crews, it was only a matter of time before the Central Coast riders remined us that they’re the glue that holds the state together. The Hella Grip Homies have had many an interaction with Breakfast riders on many a trip. A bunch of us met up recently for the A-Town Am competition and the coinciding premier of Breakfasts’ latest video, “AUNTRE” (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s now up on their YouTube channel, and it’s fucking delicious. You’re gonna want seconds). It’s been a while since Hella Grip collaborated with another brand on a sheet of griptape, so we’re more than hyped to release the “Hella Breakfast” sheet. Each sheet measures 6x24in and is available on our classic-formula griptape.  We’re all so stoked on this collaborative logo that we’re making stickers and shirts too. If these aren’t enough Breakfast goodies to fill your belly, then you can also visit Breakfasts’ website ( to purchase some delicious product. You can purchase a sheet of “Hella Breakfast” at sloth-minded retailers. Shirts and stickers will be available on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop.” By the Bose McMasher ..