JD will be the future leader of the free world (I’ve said this many a time to many a people). He’s got the kind of character that can entice an entire generation of shredders to follow in his footsteps. It’s only fitting that his first signature sheet of Hella Grip includes a full canvas of comparable character. JD is widely known as a French phenom, but his heritage actually stems from the small but incredibly biodiverse island of Madagascar. He wanted his signature sheet to celebrate his connection to the magical island nation, so we took a blank sheet of our white griptape and blasted it with colorful Malagasy imagery (using the white sheets of griptape helps the artwork pop a little more… fun fact). This is one of those sheets that some of you might find intensely detailed, so we’re stoked to offer a graphic that y’all can spend time exploring while you take a break from riding and stare at the top of your deck cause you’re too tired to lift your head and don’t want the sun scorch your face. While you’re down there, you might notice the actual shape of the island printed on JD’s shirt, and the colors of the Madagascar flag on his handlebars. I’m a huge fan of the sloth hanging from the baobab tree in the background, checking out the lemur chillin’ on the rock. Here’s a cool but depressing fact: There actually used to be a Sloth Lemurs living on Madagascar (they look like you’d imagine) but they unfortunately went extinct due to climate change and subsequent collapse of their ecosystem (Thanks humans… and Wikipedia). We can’t bring back the Sloth Lemur (at least not yet… hoping to find ancient mosquitos trapped in amber with sloth lemur blood inside so we can go full Jurassic Park), but you can show your support for a homie who truly cherishes his home country, all of mother earth, and the ability of scootering to connect us to both. Madagascar’s official motto translates to “Love, Fatherland, Progress.” JD named his sig graphic the “Fatherland” sheet as an homage to this brilliant motto. Show your love and help progress the sport by purchasing a sheet of “Fatherland” from your local shop. Don’t forget to tag JD if you happen to cop one of these signature sheets.” by the Boss McMasher ..

‘Fatherland’ Griptape now available at sloth minded shops worldwide and the Sloth Shop ..