“Round #2 of the OG SLOTH PRO SERIES has officially commenced. This series is all about proper grooming and glassware (for “mature” sloths… of course). Homie Dan Barrett’s inner-sloth obviously wouldn’t be complete without a glorious beard and slick hairdo. The beard already looks epic, but why not give it a combing for good measure (gotta please those sponsors). And we mustn’t forget the always-inspired-and-inspiring Homie Cooper Klaar. Coop-sloth lives in some pretty cold environments, so he often relies on warm clothes for the outside and dab-hits for the inside (This logic may be flawed but it seems to work for Coop-sloth). Much love to Coops and Dan for revealing their inner-sloth to the world. Both of these critter caricatures are available on our Classic 6” x 24” sheets. ” by the Boss McMasher..

Now Available at Sloth Minded Shops World Wide and the Sloth Shop!!