“The Homie, Kevin Closson is a man of many talents. Y’all probably remember his part in Concrete Crew’sHella Good Stuff.” Did you know he also drew all the title cards for HGS? That’s a fairly fun fact. It just so happens that Kevin (aka K-Closs) also created the font for his signature sheet of Hella Grip. It’s not a font you can download, but it should be (we’d still need to design the other letters). This griptape graff is officially titled, Pink Panther. The “pink” part makes sense because it’s colored pink (maybe a little magenta-ish). As for “panther,” I can only assume it’s because Kevin moves through the shadows like a panther when he goes on his “artistic missions.” The name is obviously not a reference to the trademarked/copyrighted Pink Panther character from the 1960’s. Our extensive team of lawyers has assured us of this. Regardless of the legality of the name, what’s important is that Hella Grip is also dropping Kevin’s 100% legal video part in conjunction with the release of his signature sheet (Ok, maybe we don’t have legal rights to the music in his video but we couldn’t ask Kevin to draw his own graphic and produce his own music as well). Like most worthwhile videos, it’s taken Kevin a couple years to stack enough worthy clips to follow his legendary HGS part. There’s also the added pressure that comes with winning the A-Town Am competition back in March of this year. We’re more than confident y’all wont be disappointed. Fellow Concrete Crew member and Hella Grip Homie, Anton Abramson was by Kevin’s side to film/edit his video… and provide moral support, of course. Check out the video on our YouTube page and be sure to support The Homie K-Closs by purchasing a sheet of Pink Panther from the Hella Grip Sloth Shop (available in local shops as well… if they know what’s good). Each sheet is printed on our classic griptape (Formula-C) and measures 6in x 24in.” by the Boss McMasher..

Filmed & Edited by Anton Abramson..

Additional Filming by Trevor Crowell, Jake Sorensen & 2B..

“Ya I want to thank all the hella grip boys for supporting me and the concrete crew. I also want to give A huge thanks to Anton Abramson for filming, editing and being an awesome friend I could not have done it without you! And a huge thankyou to my mom Madalen and my pops Larry they have both supported me throughout my life including this three year project. Finally I want to thank all of you for enjoying all scootering has to offer. Keep doing good work we love you.” by Kevin Closson..

Pink Panther Griptape & Stickers now available at the Sloth Shop & Sloth minded shops world wide!!