“If you’re a Hella Grip Homie, you usually acquire a nickname somewhere along the journey. It’s basically an unspoken requirement. Homie Anton Abramson is known as “Scanton” (like a photo scanner… yea, pretty damn clever). The history of the name goes a little something like this: Anton was hanging out at Hella Grip HQ and one of the homies said, “Hey, Anton” and then another homie shouted “More like, hey Scanton” and then we all laughed and, thus, a nickname was born. Speaking of births, we’d like to welcome a newborn Hella Classic Colorway to the Hella Classic Family. It’s a beautiful blue color scheme, conceived in the fertile brain of Scanton. If you’re wondering why Scanton’s classic colorway has a bright line through the center of it, you should know by now that it’s an homage to the bright white scanner light. Thankfully, this sheet won’t burn your retinas if you stare at it. You can find this new colorway at the Hella Grip Sloth Shop, or contact your local dealer to see if they have any in stock. Each sheet is printed on our classic griptape (Formula-C) and measures 6in x 24in.” by the Boss McMasher..

“Hella stoked to officially present you guys with my signature @hella_grip colorway. The amount of memories I’ve shared with the Hella Grip homies over the past few years is something I could have never predicted when I first met the squad at the EPIC comp back in 2012. Now the homies have turned into family and I am so incredibly grateful for everything these guys do for me. #SlothFUCKINGLife
The colorway I picked is an homage to the nickname “Scanton” which the homies betowed upon me. The light streak is meant to represent a photo scanner doing its thing, but the colorway also conveniently matches my signature @rideaffinity colorway. Both of which can now be purchased to make your scooter stand out in a sea of black parts.
Thank You Scootering.” by HG Homie Anton Abramson aka Scanton..