Season 1: Episode 08

Another day, another one for the Record Books!!! Tha Homies are still in The Bay, and they didn’t have trouble spotting a massive hill bomb in S.F. One of the craziest squad members wasn’t interested in bombing this hellish hill. Instead, he made a death-wish to gap the most gargantuan gap anyone could possibly gap. Watch and vote “yes” or “no” if you think it’s the BIGGEST GAP EVER! We’re callin’ Guinness World Records in tha meantime.

For Full Length Video; “Hella Ruthless” :

Featuring: Nick Donatelli, Josh Young, Zack Martin, Cooper Klaar, Dan Barrett, Kirk Svensson, Ralf McMoran, Matt McKeen, Issac Miller, Jake Sorensen, Stefan Hefner, Tyler Wheeland, Casey Murphy, Anton Abramson, David Coe, Ryan Myers, Jonny 2B & Addison McNaughton.