This is what 2 weeks in Baltimore, a day in DC and a day in Philly gets you (other than lots of cheesesteaks, PBR’s, and kudos from strangers): The RAW accounts featured in this video series have been described in popular culture as, “…more significant to America’s history than the cities in which they were filmed.” | Crew included HG Homies Logan Fuller, Zack Martin, Matt McKeen, Josh Young & Issac Miller! Thanks to Logan, Frank and Neil for letting us stay, J-Cott Dyno Clutch OGs, Carroll Park Locals, Stefan Brandow and Josh, Anybody who buys Hella Grip!

To watch the original edit ‘HG in Baltimore:

Filming: Josh Young, Zack Martin, Issac Miller & Matt McKeen
Camera: Panasonic DVX100a/Century Mark II Fisheye