A message from The Boss, McMasher:

If your boy had to pick one word to describe Homie Jake Sorensen’s riding style, he’d go with “colorful.” I’m not trying to say Jake’s style is overtly flamboyant…it’s, more or less, visually-captivating-enough-to-the-point-of-ocular-overload-esqe, if I may say so. Since I AM saying so, I will also say that Hella Grip has chosen to award such dedication to colorfulness with a Jake Sorensen Signature Colorway for our Hella Classic grip.

This is HUGE, folks!!! 1200 sheets of Mr. Sorensen’s signature colorway sheet will be produced and sold through select retailers and HellaGrip.com (.co still?). The release of these sheets is meant to represent Jake’s transformation from a lonely, disgusting caterpillar to a beautiful, blossoming butterfly, in terms of skill-level and most importantly: Attitude!

Though this may not be a signature “pro edition” sheet of Hella Grip, the signature colorway should be taken just as seriously, which is why Jake has chosen a serious-looking shade of RED for his sig colorway…How bold of him. The red may be meant to mirror all the blood he’s shed while filming for his Hella Grip video (which is soon to drop). OR, he may have chosen the same color to match his very first car that he just bought (Craigslist…clean title!!!). I like to think he chose red because Santa Clause is his hero (maybe…most likely…yea, definitely) and Christmas is right around the corner. Either that or because Jake is seriously devoted to the Bloods gang in LA……He’s got mad respect for the Crips too, so don’t hate a homie.

I’ll say it again: “Don’t hate a homie” and support Jake Sorensen by purchasing his signature Hella Classic Colorway. Jake, of course, will receive financial compensation from Hella Grip for his sheets…even if we don’t sell ‘em all, ‘cause we’re kinda nice like that. Personally, I voted to give him one lashing for every sheet that didn’t sell. Apparently, people have rights in America these days to prevent such physical abuse. Here’s to the death of the good ol’ days, and to the welcoming of a brighter, colorful future: Cheers Jake!!!

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