CLICK BAIT CREW: Urban Treasure Hunting [S3, Ep4]

January 19, 2021By hellagripBlog

Did you know that most metropolitan areas have tons of manholes and utility grates with an unknown amount of urban treasure hiding underneath? The homies use their piratey instincts do discover a hefty load of hidden booty in this exploratory episode of Click Bait Crew.

CLICK BAIT CREW: Rub Brick Ruboff [S3, Ep1]

January 1, 2021By hellagripBlog

The first episode of Chapter 3 is a regular ol’ Ruboff. Haag and the Homies wield their new rub bricks as they compete to create the smoothest ledge (Watch out for all that elbow grease!). Who will be crowned the ultimate rub brick wrangler?