Sloth Marley ~ 4/20, 2019

April 20, 2019By hellagripBlog

“Spark it up… the Spring holidays are upon us!!! We got a whopper of weekend if you happen to celebrate both 4.20 and Easter Sunday (The Bunny Holiday). Good thing a honey-banked-ham-and-potato feast is on the way, ‘cause I imagine there are gonna be a good amount of homies workin’ up a righteous appetite during the 4.20 festivities. We’re celebrating by releasing our 2nd edition of the Hella Grip 4.20 Holiday Griptape. Before you ask… Yes, this edition is also designed by our good friend and legendary scooter shredder, Lewy V( @lewy_v ). Y’all don’t need us to tell you that Lewy V has made a name for himself in the Art/World Community beyond scootering. We’re honored to have him design yet another slumped-out sheet of griptape for the self-indulging shredders out there. The “Sloth Marley” sheet doesn’t intend push so-called habits (vices) upon the anti-blazer. Consider it an homage to past and present pioneers of the vast inner-space of the mind. Such philosophical star-gazers don’t need a Space-X rocket to blast into the Deep Unknown. Some all-natural greens will give most mind-astronauts enough biofuel to reach those thought-galaxies far far away. Just don’t space-out too far and forget to cop a sheet of “Sloth Marley” from your local dealer. Just so y’all know, these groovy sheets are printed on our Classic 6in x 24in sheets.” by the Boss Addy McMasher ( @mcmasher) ..