”If this logo doesn’t trip you out, then you need to seek medical attention because your mind is probably made of steel instead of grey mushy stuff. Hella Grip Homie and self-proclaimed abstract artist, Jake Sorensen came to us a few months ago with this idea for his signature griptape. It took some time and mental fortitude to figure out the logo, but we think Jake nailed it (and he became an Adobe Illustrator master in the process). Now you don’t need to use psychedelics to trip-out. Y’all can thank Jake for saving you some money and helping you avoid awkward transactions with funky folks. Each sheet measures 6x24in and is available on our classic-formula griptape. This signature sheet is bad-trip-free and available now at sloth-minded locations.” by the Boss McMasher ..

Filmed by Logan Fuller, Michael Hohmann & Anton Abramson.. Additional filming by Jackson Blurkland & Danila Popov..