“I’m just gonna go ahead and declare Cooper Klaar a street-transition god (He’s already a transition god but I felt like adding a more specific title to his legacy). I could watch him shred a bowl all day but there’s something extra refreshing about his OG Pro Sloth Series video. It was such a treat to watch him shred all those southwestern ditches with his signature shralper style (My bad if “shralper” is a term that doesn’t translate. Just trust me that Cooper definitely shralps). Actually, don’t trust me. Instead, go watch the video and see for yourself. FYI, you can still buy a sheet of Cooper’s OG Pro Sloth Series griptape at the Hella Grip Sloth Shop and sloth-minded retailers. FYI #2, Cooper accepts complimentary dabs if you see him at the park or on the streets.” By the Boss McMasher..

“I started filming this video on a trip in 2017 starting after the Sovereign of Street competition in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Logan Fuller, Mike Hohmann, Brian Noyes, Juzzy Carter and I piled in Logans car and started the journey from Arizona through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and all the way up the east coast up to Pennsylvania ending at Woodward and Logans hometown. Huge thanks to Logan Fuller and Mike Hohmann for filming most of this video throughout the trip as well as the other boys for keeping me motivated. I also want to thank Rudy Garcia, Tommy Martinez, Theo Kotyk, Jamie Gantz and everyone else who gave us a place to stay during the trip. Huge thanks to Zac Lorenz and Brandon Miller for helping me film some additonal clips after the trip around 2018. And last but not least thank you Hella Grip and all the homies involved over there for all that they do for me.” By HG Homie Cooper Klaar ..