“What do you get when you cross a Flamingo and a Sloth? I’m not actually too sure, but you might get some horrifically pink and lethargic fur-feather creature with a grinning beak and three-toed claws… OR you get the newest Homie to the Hella Grip Homie Family, Nathan Fleming. The first time we heard of the elusive Flemongo was when some of his buddies hit up Hella Grip a few years ago, asking if we could give Nathan a Birthday shoutout (We obvi went through with the shoutout… cause we’re not dicks who ruin birthdays). Eventually we started seeing all the sick footage of Nathan popping up from the other side of the planet, and we figured it would be a good idea to use Hella Grip’s personal stork to fly a small box of griptape and stickers across a massive span of ocean to the Flemongo’s natural habitat. We’re super stoked to finally have a Homie who hails from the savage surface of Australia, and even though Nathan’s distance from the HGHQ makes it hard to have a celebratory gathering of shredders, the homie vibes are always capable of traveling around the planet and through the beastliest of barriers. So don’t worry fellow shredders from Down Under, all Tha Homies are secreting positive vibes and sending ‘em your way now. If you happen to see our stork down there, please feed her some bread (or Macca’s fries) and show her the correct direction to fly back to Oakland. In the meantime, stay slothy, folks!” by the Boss McMasher.. #SlothLife​ Filmers are: Lawrence Rubin Balthazar Neveu Guy Perrett Ashleigh Allan Jordan Turner Cooper Klaar Regan Thompson Zeidon White Reece Jones Max Peters Dylan Ryan Keedan Mitchell Juzzy Carter