“This video is a way of contributing to the scooter community during the lockdown and its only goal is to highlight the fun we get everyday from going on sessions together like we wish we could at the moment. I carry my camera at all time to help my homies with their scooter-related projects whether it be in Madrid, Lille, Barcelona, Lyon or Paris. Special shoutout to Rémi Flipo whose motivation led him to being the only one with a full part in in the video. You will find 35 riders like Maxime Bouzid, Nicolas Jacob, Flavio Pesenti, Boris Germain, Jonathan Perroni, Rémi Flipo, Auguste Pellaud, Didine Terchague and more. But you will also find others usually hidden in the shadows like Baptiste Tonnerre, Bradley Morrissey, Franck Sarcy, Balthazar Neveu, Lucas Wisdorff who have been highly contributing in their own way to the durability of what we like to call the Dissidence spirit This edit is a compilation of footage filmed between 2016 and 2019 that I have been stacking for the past couple years or so on my hard drive. Enjoy the video!” by HG Homie Jean-Yves Randriambelson aka J.D. ..