August 8, 2020By hellagripBlog

🗣Our Not-Back-To-School Sale is still going this entire weekend. All apparel prices have been reduced by 35%. If you buy 2 sheets of griptape, you get a 3rd sheet for free (use this discount code for your free sheet: SLOTH)🗣


August 7, 2020By hellagripBlog

📚We heard that many of y’all won’t be returning to the classroom in the coming weeks, so of course we had to organize a Not-Back-To-School Sale to help ease the pain. This weekend at the Sloth Shop (August 7–9), all apparel is 35% off (Use code, HELLA at checkout). Additionally, if you purchase 2 sheets of griptape, you can get a third sheet for free (Use code, SLOTH)📚 

Welcome to the Homies Michael Hohmann & Brain Noyes

July 27, 2020By hellagripBlog

“I have to admit that we waited far too long to make these two righteous dudes official Hella Grip Homies (I suppose it’s in our nature), but do you really need a long explanation as to why Brian (@briannoyes ) and/or Michael (@littleho94 ) are now part of the HG family? It’s already obvious that they’ve been living the Sloth Life for years (Michel shreds in the nude if necessary, and Brian has a dreadlock that makes all other dreadlocks look like they’ve been cheating with hair-conditioner every night). Michael has stayed with us at Hella Grip HQ before, and I’ve run into Brian at several events/sessions. We’ve all shared enough beers, champagne, stories, footage, and good times to make their ascension to Hella Grip Homie-ness feel about as natural as Brian’s hair or Michael’s birthday suit. Yes, they can tear it up on a scooter and they’ve both got style for miles, but it’s always worth reminding the people that being an official Hella Grip Homie has way more to do with how you live your life and respect your fellow shredders than it does with skill-level. I guess it’s an added bonus that Michael and Bryan have those skills ‘n’ thrills as well. Looking forward to getting into some serious shenanigans with these two Homies when the world opens up again.” by the Boss McMasher @mcmasher ..

Tahoe Quarantine 2020 w/Concrete Crew

July 24, 2020By hellagripBlog

The Concrete Crew escaped the Bay Area for a classic weekend trip to the beautiful Lake Tahoe.. “With the world currently in a global pandemic, we thought; what better time than now to take a trip up north and cramp ourselves together in Ryan’s sweet lake-front cabin. Safe to say our efforts in fighting the virus were a success as our subsequent Covid results came back negative. Thankful for the good times that were shared between Ryan Myers, David Coe, Jack Kopp, Kevin Closson, Jake Sorensen, and Anton Abramson..”