🧬”The first Hella Grip handlebar grip design, knows as the Broadway grip, features a carefully constructed pattern of alternating square hatches. You’ve no-doubt seen this pattern on other items around your town since the release of the Broadway grips, such as on doormats, manholes, and playground balls (it’s a universally grippy design). The design is so attractive and universal that we figured we might as well add it to Hella Grip shirts and griptape as well. The Broadway Longsleeve Shirt features the now-infamous hatch logo on both sleeves and includes our LONG LIVE THE SLOTH logo on the chest. We loved the design so much that we had to release the shirt in two different colorways, white-on-black and blue-on-white. You can match the shirt with your favorite pair of Broadway grips. Be sure to check out the Broadway Longsleeve on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. You can also check out our Broadway handlebar grips on the shop or at your local dealer (if they know what’s good). Keep those arms warm if you’re suffering through those winter months or protect them from sunburn if you’re out in the heat (It’s a win-win!)” by the Boss McMasher ..