“The Homie, Zack Martin (aka Martini… you know this already) has done it all for Hella Grip over the years. He’s dropped a signature colorway, an OG Pro Sloth Series, and now he’s finally releasing his signature sheet. Zack ‘s third sheet of Hella Grip, appropriately titled “ZM3” is an enchanting homage to his new home of New Mexico.  If you’ve been driving in the USA for a while, you’ll probably recognize the Zia symbol that adorns many New Mexico license plates (it’s also the symbol on the state flag… fun fact). Take a trip to New Mexico and the first thing you’ll notice is the epic mountain landscape (That’s where the enchantment lives… and radioactive monsters). We’re loving the combo of army-green and orange in this logo, and we think it’ll match well with some other signature martini products in stores. Each sheet measures 6x24in and is available on our classic-formula griptape. Be sure to support the homie and cop a sheet of ZM3 from the Hella Grip Sloth Shop or other sloth-minded locations.” By the Boss McMasher ..

available at sloth minded shops worldwide..