”As y’all may have heard through the dankvine, 4/20 is a month-long holiday this year (Aren’t dates fun?!!! Gonna have to wait 100 years for this miracle to happen again). Hella Grip is honoring this centenary celebration with a fresh colorway featuring some funky buds ‘n’ leaves. Let those organic oranges, pungent purples and gorgeous greens take you where you need to go (Hopefully to your nearest Popeye’s Chicken for a hot sandwich). Each sheet of the officially titled “420/20” griptape is printed on our extra-sticky-icky Formula-G sheets (6in x 24in). The Homies would like to remind y’all to stay safe this holiday season. More importantly, stay slothy.” by the Boss McMasher.. 🎺 available now at the Sloth Shop!!🎶