Yo Yo Yo!!! It’s that time of year again, when the sloths commence hibernating in their tree-dens for the wintery-winter. Which means it’s also time for the annual (and re-branded) HELLA GRIP SLOTH SHOP XMAS GIVE-O-WAY. McMasher Claus is making the rules simple this year so y’all don’t get hella grinchy on us. All you need to do to enter is follow (or already follow) the @slothshop_hg account. On December 18th and December 25th The Homies will select a single follower to win $100+ in Hella Grip Sloth Shop merchandise (merchandise will be selected by The Homies… with your size info, of course). Again, that’s a total of 2 @slothshop_hg followers who will win $100+ in Sloth Shop merchandise. McMasher Claus believes it doesn’t matter how naughty or nice you were this year, all that matters is that you follow @slothshop_hg this Holiday Season, and all will be forgiven.