🦃💥HELLA HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃💥FINAL EPISODE OF @clickbaitcrew VOLUME 02 | YouTube Premiere @ 3:00pm (PST) TODAY

Prize purses for scooter competitions are getting bigger and more enticing as the sport’s community grows. See what happens when we break the bank and offer up a 1st Place Prize that’s sure to set the standard for future competition winnings: A Desktop Drumset. Freshly formed scabs are ripped off and blood it spilt as The Homies battle it out for the Season Finale of Click Bait Crew: Volume 2… aka “The Lost Episode.”

Andrew Haag (@13overturnedturtles)
Anton Abramson (@AntonAbramson)
Ryan Myers (@RyanMyers007)
Paker Jones (@Parker_Jones_916)
Jake Sorensen (@SorensenJake)
Josh Fedora (@FedoodleTripleSiXXX)
2B (@TheOverShow_com)
McMasher (@McMasher)
Kirk Svensson (@Kirkuleeees)
Jack Colston (@JackColston)
Trevor Crowell (@Trevor.Crowell)
Armando (@YooitsMando)
Juan (@Sketchy_Juan)