Destroy those hard hats and blueprints! Construction is finally complete on the new Hella Grip website and web store. Head on over to to see our revamped Blog and Homie Page (We figured y’all were having trouble keeping track of our ever-expanding list of official Homies). Most importantly, you can now enter the official Hella Grip Sloth Shop to view and purchase a wide selection of our Griptape, Apparel, and Accessories. We’re also offering a few exclusive items that are only available through the Sloth Shop (hint hint… that OG Sloth sweatshirt y’all have been asking about). There are plenty of additional items on the way, so keep visiting the webstore every week (or every other week. Maybe every day. Every hour would be too obsessive) to find new products and promotions. It’s taken a lot of work and help from our fellow homies to complete the new website/store, so we’d like to extend our lanky 3-toed arms to give everyone who’s supported us a big slothy hug (sorry if we smell bad… there’s no Axe body spray in the jungle).