Big Ron w/ HG Homie Jake Sorensen & the Boss McMasher.

“In every sport there seems to be an athlete with an epic personality that supersedes their technical ability, and they’re widely embraced for it. Ronald Sharpe (known as Big Ron by those in the know) definitely has that notorious larger-than-life personality, but his riding ability has always been just as epic as his attitude. When we first met Big Ron several years ago, he was doing heelwhips, switch tricks, and backside/frontside grinds at a time when those trick categories weren’t as recognized or acknowledged by the masses in scootering. Ron’s signature switch-lipslide to switch-heelwhip out could be seen as a regular ol’ lipslide to whip by the average rider in those days. The idea of that probably seems more anecdotal than believable nowadays. Fortunately, it was much tougher to misinterpret Ron’s big smile and welcoming attitude whenever he rolled up for a session (on the classic Razor scooter of course… which he still rocks when he shreds. That’s true brand-loyalty right there). Needless to say, there’s a whole novel that could be written about Big Ron and his positive contribution to scootering and our everyday lives. Today, we’re more interested in announcing that Big Ron’s signature sheet of Hella Grip is finally available. We’re double-stoked because it’s also Ron’s first-ever signature product to be released by any scooter brand. Ignore the fact that this took way too long to release. Let’s all just appreciate that it’s here and looks badass. For those lacking common knowledge of scoot history, it should be known that Big Ron is a bit of a legend, especially for the Hella Grip Homie Family. He hails from the lands of Northern California. Hence his lifelong affinity for most Bay Area sports teams, especially the Oakland Raiders (The Ol’ Silver ‘n’ Black). You may notice some similarities between a certain pirate logo and Big Ron’s signature grip graphic, but perhaps that’s all just a coincidence or an optical illusion. Ron’s officially titled “Sloth Nation” griptape features the Big Ron signature and is printed on Hella Grip’s formula-C sheets (6in x 24in). Even though legends like Big Ron never fade from history, this grip will go out of stock soon. So be sure to support the homiest of Homies and cop a signature Big Ron “Sloth Nation” sheet from your local shop or favorite internet-website-market-thing-place-store-url-company.” By the Boss McMasher.. #SlothNation