HG Homie Logan Fuller just dropped one of the heaviest video parts to date!! Annnnd on his birthday none the less! Hella Congrats & Thank You Logan Fuller, it’s a beautiful masterpiece!! Michael HohmannOlivia Monks killed it on this project.

“Happy 27th Birthday Logan, All the hard work has finally come to an end. It’s rare to find someone as hardworking as this guy. Two years of driving all over the U.S, as well as spending 3 months in Mexico, sleeping in his car, and on countless couches, has made this one of the best videos the scooter community has ever seen. Logan’s passion for scootering is bigger than any persons’ I have ever encountered. The motivation he has to ride and film on the most beautiful spots amazes me. I hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I did watching it come together. You’ve been apart of Aztek for two years now but glad everyone can call it official.” – @aztekscooters