“Finally, a pair of jeans that fits… on your deck! We’re more than stoked to reveal “iShackDenim” by Issac Miller. No need to shed weight to shred these threads. I have to confess, I never imagined we would attempt to make such a bold fashion statement within the scooter scene. You can thank Hella Grip Homie and Head of Fashion, @i.shack for introducing this daring denim to our wardrobe of griptape. Issac sewed together his signature Hella Grip sheet just in time for the winter season (I know it’s approaching Summer in Australia, so maybe convert these hot jeans into a cool pair of jorts). The “Issac Miller” stitching on the pocket definitely adds of touch of high-class couture… certainly too classy for you Dickies-donning dudes and dudettes (No shame there… To each his own). Despite the high quality of this sheet, I doubt it has a thread count that would feel smooth on your skin if you tried to wear it. Since we haven’t figured out how to make denim-based griptape that functions properly, we opted to print Denim Miller on our Formula-C sheets of Hella Grip 6 x 24. Each sheet still has the same gritty texture as our classic sheets. As always, be sure to cop a sheet from your local scooter shop. They might even have an in-house tailor to hem your sheet to a specific deck size.” by the Boss @mcmasher .. #iShackDenim