“Many of you may have wondered, “Why are Hella Grip’s sloth graphics so lonely?” If you’re one of these philosophers, I can tell you that it wasn’t necessarily our intention to create so many single-sloth-sheets. We just figured it looked hella clean to place a solitary OG Sloth amongst a finite universe of pitch-black grip. That’s all about to change. We’ve created a sheet without an ultra-exclusive VIP list, where multiple OG Sloths can gather and party like polka dots. Hence, the Sloth Dot sheet. This new sheet, featuring uniformly arranged OG Sloths (we’re all about line-dancing at parties), is based on Hella Grip’s Sloth Dot socks (aka Hella Sox). As an added bonus, we’re simultaneously releasing this sheet in two different color schemes: white sloths on classic black grip, and black sloths on white grip (How fun!). The white griptape (aka Formula-W) is a new addition to our catalog of griptape styles, but it has the same gritty texture as our classic formula. Both Slot Dot colors are printed on our 6×24-inch sheets. Somewhere out in the universe, there’s a special badass who’s going to match their Sloth Dot Sox with this new Sloth Dot sheet. To that badass I say, “Welcome to the party. Enjoy the ride.””.. by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher ) #SlothDot