“Who doesn’t love bridges? They’re a civil engineer’s way of saying, “Hey buddy, come on over and chill. Don’t worry about crossing those frigid waters, friend.” Hella Grip is based in the California Bay Area, so we’ve got a few loveable bridges of our own, like the infamous Golden Gate Bridge (too touristy for me; it’s not even gold) and the hella classic Bay Bridge (my personal favorite; the silver coloring never disappoints). The Homies wanted to honor the local bridges that connect us to our fellow shredders. Rather than create a new griptape logo that selfishly features an iconic California structure, we decided it would be friendlier to design an all-inclusive bridge logo. The new Bridge Sloth griptape features a classic suspension bridge, dwarfed by a beautiful OG Sloth in the background (like a picture-perfect slothy sunset). We’re slappin’ this logo on our 6 x 24 inch, Formula-C sheets. Maybe you’ll drive across a bridge on your way to the local scoot shop to pick up a sheet Bridge Sloth (Hopefully you don’t pay $5 bridge tolls, like us)..” by the Boss McMasher ( @mcmasher ).. #BridgeSloth