After watching our viral review of the new Skittles “Sweet Heat” flavor, JUUL contacted us and asked if we’d stop by their Headquarters in San Francisco to test their soon-to-be-released XL Pods. I’m not sure what Skittles and vape pens have in common, but The Homies felt no need to question Juul’s superior logic. We took a break during a hill-bomb session in S.F. last week to stop by JUUL headquarters and pick up a few demo pods (including a NEW special edition flavor). Not to spoil the video review… but if the original Juul pods weren’t addicting enough, then you’ll surely crave these new XL pods (with 60% more e-liquid). There are a few issues you might have with these pods when they’re released, so watch the video and make sure you’re ready to upgrade to the next level of addictive consumption.

FEATURING: Anton Abramson, Andrew Haag, Jake Sorensen, 2B, Addy McMasher, Grant Schofield, Kevin Closson, Trevor Crowell, Patrick Nguyen, Allen Tran, Jack Kopp, Josh Fedor, Josh Higgins & David Coe.