Well, the homies are finally at it again! A sudden tsunami of fortune and fame forced the crew into an extended hiatus following the release of our critically acclaimed CLICK BAIT CREW: SEASON 1. The deluge of awards, high-circulation magazine spreads, and invites to all the poshest clubs floated our egos to a breaking point. While wallowing in the depths of our flooded minds, an unassuming being with a seemingly appropriated sense of fashion happened to provide us with a life-preserving ring of hope. Or so we thought…

That brings up to the subject of CLICK BAIT CREW: VOLUME 2
Our recent struggle to rescue ourselves from our reputations was fraught with click-baity barriers. The Pro Rapper-Scooter-Kid would turn out to be one of our first and greatest challenges of the journey. Fortunately, we gathered the evidence to expose the true story of this cultural-appropriating wannabe wordsmith. Enjoy Episode 1.

Featuring: Andrew Haag, Anton Abramson, Ryan Myers, Paul Rickman, 2B, McMasher, BK & Allen Tran.