“Thank you Addison McNaughton, Johnny “2B” Verducci, and Brendan Kelly for their continued efforts towards Hella Grip. It can’t be easy having a day job and focusing on running a legitimate company at the level their doing, cheers to them. Also thanks to the ones who filmed me. Majority by Parrish Isaacs, and Badger Clit. None the less Jake Hershey, Jack Colston, Matt Mckeen, Lucas Fehringer, and Ernie Young. This one wasn’t easy coming back from my wrist injury. So thank you for being patient as some of these didn’t come as quickly as they could’ve, siking myself out, and loss of confidence. Feels good to get a part out of all new footage after the recovery of my injury. Finally thank you to Hella Grip once again for giving me the opportunity to have another “signature” griptape. This time being a graphic sheet I’m super stoked on, go cop one!” By HG Homie Zack Martin..

Edited by HG Homie Matt McKeen