“That smell you smell right now… that rich, putrid odor wafting over you… That’s the unacquainted scent of RAWness. The source of this horrifically beautiful stench resides within the rotting corpse of a series we just started dumping on our YouTube channel. These RAW videos were built from the steaming rubble left in the wake of the greatest content-storm to converge on the world-wide-web: “Hella Grip in Baltimore.” We’ve respectfully waited a few months to release these protein-packed edits, featuring all the HGIB bonus footage and natural-sounding clips y’all have been waiting to feast upon (Don’t you hate it when video music drowns out the sounds of the birds chirping and the bees buzzing?). This week’s serving is a hearty, grade-A portion of the HGIB filmer and editor: Josh Young. Mr. young is as RAW of a homie as they come, so it’s only fitting that we consume his clips first. Bon Appétit! | Stay tuned for next Saturday’s serving of RAW.” by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher).

To watch the original edit ‘HG in Baltimore: https://youtu.be/q93ZTJ5Sc3o

This is what 2 weeks in Baltimore, a day in DC and a day in Philly gets you (other than lots of cheesesteaks, PBR’s, and kudos from strangers): The RAW accounts featured in this video series have been described in popular culture as, “…more significant to America’s history than the cities in which they were filmed.” | Crew included HG Homies Logan Fuller, Zack Martin, Matt McKeen, Josh Young & Issac Miller! Thanks to Logan, Frank and Neil for letting us stay, J-Cott Dyno Clutch OGs, Carroll Park Locals, Stefan Brandow and Josh, Anybody who buys Hella Grip!

Filming: Zack Martin, Issac Miller, Matt McKeen & Logan Fuller
Camera: Panasonic DVX100a/Century Mark II Fisheye