“I pity the fool who has to waist their time viewing all the obvious April Fools posts today (Mr. T – trademark, copyright, patent pending). So, believe me when I say this isn’t a worthless joke. I’ve got some serious news… BREAKING news… non-FAKE news for y’all… Tha Truth, Ruth. You may have noticed that many of The Homies were shredding in Hella Grip Land during the month of March (aka The Month of the Sloth). That wasn’t a coincidence. There was a method to all the madness of those two epic weeks. Madness it was, indeed. Jake (@sorensenjake) busted his hip like an old man (he’s “soft” and brittle now); DB (@danbarrett) obliterated his hand during, what was supposed to be, a chill evening sesh; Issac (@i.shack) got clips at every turn, even when he had no business getting clips; Stefan (@stefanhefner) became the first person to defy gravity since Michael Jordan; McKeen (@mcspleen) continued to do anything that was gnarly enough to cheese-grater his hands to a bloody mess; Cooper (@cooperklaar) treated us to a beautiful demo at the infamous Flower Shop, to say the least. Unexpected Kirk (@kirkuleees) dropped some hammers on the hill bomber thangers. Martini (@z.martini) convinced several people they were about to be shot in a drive-by with all his C-Town fireworks; Tee-Wee (@tylerwheeland) rode his scooter 100% of the time (not a Moto-X in sight); Ralph was CLASSIC RALPH!; Donatelli (@theedonatelli) gave the world the biggest “surprise barspin” this side of the Mississippi; and Josh Young DID WORK as per usual. Like, seriously, he was the bondo that held this whole endeavor together. AND, he got the clip… like a true boss. I haven’t even mentioned that Josh’s working hands shot and edited the larger portion of what I’m about to finally announce: HELLA RUTHLESS…out now…just dropped…no foolin…Fools!!!” by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher)

The largest gathering of Hella Grip Homies to ever occur was witnessed last month. Over the period of two weeks, the events were captured by the one & only Mr. Josh Young. With some key contributions from the Bay Area own ‘Concrete Crew’, all the homies were able to contribute to a video that went way above and beyond what we were hoping to accomplish. This is Hella Ruthless..

Filmed & Edited:
Josh Young

Jake Sorensen
Zack Martin
Nick Donatelli

Matt McKeen
Ralph McMoran

Concrete Crew-
Anton Abramson
Ryan Myers
David Coe
Patrick Nguyen

Cooper Klaar

Stefan Hefner
Tyler Wheeland
Kirk Svensson

Issac Miller

Also Staring:
Addison McNaughton
Dan Barrett
Kevin Closson

Photography: David Coe, Anton Abramson & Jonny 2B.

Additional Filming:Jonny 2B, Zack Martin, Issac Miller, David Coe, Jake Sorensen & Tyler Wheeland.

Camera: Panasonic DVX100a with Opteka 0.3x Ultra Fisheye.