Eric Ostrom – Hurricane down 21 stair in San Jose, CA – Cover Page:

Eric Ostrom on his cover shot:
“I got on the cover of a fucking magazine? For doing what I love to do? For riding a fucking scooter!? That’s HELLA dope! I think for anyone it is something that you wouldn’t expect to happen, it just does. I can remember when just the idea of having a published freestyle scooter magazine was such a fucking fantasy…. And now that we have one, I have the honor to grace the cover of the latest issue. I gotta say it’s probably one of my favorite accomplishments from shredding so far. I most def owe a lot of thanks to all of the homies that work behind the scenes, spending long nights and days capturing editing and publishing all the footy and photos that you guys see out there. All my HELLA GRIP homies and family at Urban Artt are pushing shit so hard, it would be close to impossible to have the drive and motivation if I didn’t have such great bros to chill and sesh with. Just do what you love to do, it fucking pays off in the end. Die Trying.”

Andrew Haag – Backside Feeble in Oakland just blocks away from Hella Grip HQ’s – Page 26.

Andrew Haag on making his first appearance in a freestyle scooter magazine:
“In the beginning the only motive to ride was truly personal, but now, in this age, people ride for many reasons outside the individual self, shame on them. Today, I have two motives to ride, for myself, and for my brothers and sisters. If you ride for yourself, then you carry the spirit of Hella Grip, to the streets, to the parks, to the public, to the police, and to the government.”

Addison McNaughton – Frontside Board in his hometown of Concord, California. – Page 28.

Addy on being featured in French Toast again:
“French Toast has always been good to me. They got a solid crew running the magazine, and mad respect for all facets of the scene…even an old boy like me with one foot already in the grave (Or one foot in the urn, I guess, ‘cause I want to be cremated). However, I think it’s bullshit that Eric’s hurricane photo wasn’t used for the front AND the back of this latest issue (Only joking. But seriously folks, that Hurricane Sandy was/is the dopest trick in modern history). I’m mostly stoked to see a photo of Mr. Haag in this issue. Now, it’s only a matter of time before he lets all the fortune and fame go to his head, and ends up speeding a Porche 911 Turbo (Ricky W.’s favorite) down Rodeo Drive, crashing it into 17 light poles before finally ending up in God’s hands. THE END.”

And lastly we have a video of the Haag finding out that he made it into the magazine, pure comedy put together by The Over Show.

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