Welcome to HellaGrip.co, the official website and online store of Hella Grip, LLC. Gnarly street riding and premium grip tape is the name of the game! Hella Grip is owned by rider Addison McNaughton and his lifelong friends Jonathan Verducci and Brendan Kelley. As a small independent company Hella Grip aims to provide scooter riders with the best quality grip tape on the market with a style all it’s own. Hella Grip is a silicon-carbide grit formula that provides great traction but won’t wear out shoes. It features High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof PVC liner that cuts easily but won’t wear out. Aggressive adhesive that won’t degrade with cold or hot conditions. Silicon Carbide occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite. The cheaper alternative that is used in the industry is Aluminum Oxide. We do not incorporate this alternative chemical compound in our formula due to it’s substandard quality. ALL HELLA GRIP IS MADE & MANUFACUTURED IN THE U.S.A. and our store is now open with our current line of products. New styles of grip will be arriving shortly, stay tuned, follow the sloth!

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