To celebrate the opening of the website and online store today we are releasing the first official Hella Grip ad by our staff photographer Morgan Foster. It features rider/owner Addison McNaughton blasting a fatty while rocking “The Bachelor” tank-top. Peep below the ad for a message from Addison regarding the launch of Hella Grip.

The Legacy of Hella Grip
Four score and seven years ago…
But seriously folks, I’m sure almost everyone reading this can agree there’s nothing better than chillin’ and shreddin’ all day (and watching sloth videos, of course). Lately, however, chillin’ and shreddin’ hasn’t been enough for me. I’ve always admired (for the most part) what scooter-related companies have been able to create and distribute to the product-hungry riders around this lovely ball of rock, water, and atmosphere that we all inhabit (for now). On top of that, I’ve always pondered how I could contribute to the shredding community if I were no longer able ride at a steady rate and work on videos. Hella Grip has since come into existence as a byproduct of this admiration and pondering; it just kinda detached itself from the ether and rode the thermals all the way to our tiny island oasis…
But seriously folks, having my own company has always been the plan since day 1. I thrive off creating and sharing things. I’ll come clean and confess that Hella Grip is not “my own” company though. It’s actually co-owned with two of my homies that I’ve known since day 1, 2B & BK. One has also been my filmer/editor since since day 2. The other has kept us both in check since the afternoon of day 3. We’ve all been involved in the scene since it was just a young lad in the crib.
We decided to begin work on a grip tape company around 2010. To put it simply, it just made sense at the time. It was the best way to get involved, using the resources that we had. Financially, we had(have) next to nothing compared to what other start-up companies must be spending to create bars, decks, and/or etc (I’m talking about checking-the-sofa-cushions-for-change poor). What we did have was a solid community of riders who we knew would be down for the cause as long as it was true to our nature. With Hella Grip, we have succeeded in creating a simple (but still hella difficult to produce) product that speaks to that nature. Our environment is one of chillin’ and shreddin’ amongst the natural landscape of cement and metal (and, more recently, dirt).
With today’s website launch, y’all can finally peruse our full first batch of product for sale. Y’all will also notice our list of Hella Grip Homies. We shy away from calling it a “team” because we’re not treating it like the usual “teams” that most of you are familiar with. Our homies are just that: homies. They’re dudes (maybe we’ll get a chick someday) who love to shred, and do it well. We’re not about the next “big trick” or hookin up the next “best rider.” It’s all a white noise to us. We’re solely about building a brand so we can share a lifestyle with other homies out there who just wanna chill and shred with us. Our plan is to let the brand grow naturally with the support and input of our official homies and the entire homie nation. We have more griptape products and apparel in the works, as well as other products that fit within the Hella Grip brand. All we need in order to keep things moving forward is the continued support of every rider out there who is down with our cause.

Stay slothy folks. And be sure to check out “Lincoln” in theaters nation-wide this Friday.

-Addison McNaughton (Co-Owner; self-appointed Official Homie…HA!)

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