Oakland Thanksgiving

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Hella Grip Homies McMoran, McNaughton, & Wheeland team up with Stefan Hefner and Efrain Arriaga, with Josh Young behind the lens and the edit, for this montage from their visit to HG HQ’s in Oakland over Thanksgiving. It’s got a couple alternate angles from Hella Stoked & Hella Broke and is all around one killer video.

Hella Stoked & Hella Broke Premieres

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Here’s a fact: Most of you will probably get some pretty shitty gifts this Christmas. At Hella Grip HQ (Located just south of the South Pole) we’re well aware of this annual downfall in gift-giving. Some of you have friends and family who actually love you, so you’ll be opening up a beautifully wrapped package of Hella Grip product from under the Christmas Tree in the morning. The rest of you will be tearing open a box of disappointment. But don’t cry too much Tiny Tim. The Hella Grip Homies put together a little gift bag just for you, filled with joyful clips and jolliness. Take is as a reminder of what’s really important in your little world. Sometimes we can’t always get what we want. At the end of the day (or year), however, it’s about the homies you’ve managed to keep close. Even if you were hella broke and couldn’t afford to get the raddest scooter parts for your whip this year, at least you can be hella stoked off the massive amounts shredding you were able to accomplish with your homies. Merry Christmas and have a Hella Stoked, Hella Broke New Year!!!   -McMasher


Hella Stoked & Hella Broke from Hella Grip on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the homies that filmed/submitted footage including Zach Fuller, Hep Greg, Nick Darger, and Papi (J.D.’s filmer). The only homie not featured in #HSHB is Dan Barrett, who will be releasing his own solo full length 2012 part soon and we’re hella stoked to see that when it drops! The Homies will return to shred again and if you’re going to be at the SD comp this weekend, we’ll see you there!!

The Final “Hella Stoked & Hella Broke” Teaser – “Local Yokel”

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Next Tuesday will see the release of our first official homies edit, “Hella Stoked & Hella Broke” but today we’ve got the last teaser before that video drops. Hella Grip Homies George Justiniano, Eric Ostrom, & Andrew Haag shred it up at San Ramon park and Pleasanton Park in this short edit.

Hella Stoked & Hella Broke Final Teaser: Local Yokel from Hella Grip on Vimeo.