Hella Sox : Sloth Dot (Wht/Blk)

July 18, 2019By hellagripBlog

“Hella Sox are back! No need to worry about frostbite on your toes anymore (Summertime frostbite is rare but should be feared nonetheless). The Homies were stoked on the Sloth Dot design used for the original batch of Hella Sox, so we just went ahead and reversed the color scheme for our latest release (it’s all about the black-on-white threads in 2019). We also tweaked the fabric composition to give them a more “athletic” texture (the OG Sloth logo looks more detailed as well… an added bonus). Whether you wear them for fashion or practicality, you’ll appreciate the sportier texture. I personally like wearing them to cover up all my shin scars sustained during years of shredding (y’all know what I’m talking about). They also match beautifully with our recently-released “The Passage” t-shirt. These pairs of Sloth Dot Hella Sox are exclusively available through the Hella Grip Sloth Shop (For now). Cop a pair and let us know what you think.” by the Boss McMasher .. {Now Available At The Sloth Shop!!}

Hella Sox : Sloth Dot (Wht/Blk)

WELCOME HOME Georgie Louis

July 4, 2019By hellagripBlog

Welcome HOME : Georgie Louis

Georgie Louis is probably the first rider I ever saw do a proper crooked grind in person, back in 2011 at the Epic Indoor Jam (We improperly spelled his name “Lewis” in The Over Show’s video of the comp… my bad). Only when looking back at that video before writing this did I realize how much footage we had of him in the archives from that day. That kinda makes it easier to convince y’all that Georgie always felt like a homie since the very beginning. We probably would have made him an official homie back then but, unfortunately, it was almost a year before Hella Grip even existed. Georgie and I joined urbanArtt right as Hella Grip was launching, so it probably would have seemed a little nepotistic (good word) to invite him to the original homie squad at that time… and so, the years went by… but here we are now, today, in this moment, at this juncture, and it’s my honor to finally and officially announce Georgie Louis as a Hella Grip Homie. Georgie flew out to Oakland a couple months ago for a weekend getaway session. We even put together a short ‘n’ spicy edit for y’all to celebrate his brief Bay Area sabbatical. It goes without saying I was still just as stoked to watch his style and pursuit of perfection when he’s stacking a clip. To use a baseball metaphor (since Georgie is a huge Red Sox fan): If he was a baseball pitcher; and his crooked grinds, over-crook grinds, and nose-blunt grinds were equivalent to a slider pitch, a curve-ball pitch, and a fast-ball pitch; the discipline, perfection and strength of his pitching arsenal would single-handedly secure multiple World Series titles for his team. He’d be up on the pitcher’s mound all like, “bro, seriously, dude, you’re done son, just give up, you can’t even swing on my shit bruv, nah nah nah nah nah…” (Apologies to everyone who’s confused and hating my sports metaphor). I should end my speech here. Welcome home, Homie.” by the Boss McMasher..

Filmed by Anton Abramson, 2B & Iñaki Gil..

Tribute Wheel Sloth Ad.

July 2, 2019By hellagripBlog
Proto X Hella Grip ~ the Tribute Wheel ..
  • 110mm Wheel-Grippers are very fast and grip the surface
  • Bearing Removal Slots-Machined into the core
  • Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum Core for Durability
  • 100% Made In California