Cooper Klaar : Resume

September 24, 2019By hellagripBlog

“We got quite the surprise the other day when The Homie, Cooper Klaar sent us this complete edit. I honestly can’t remember the last video that was this much fun to experience. Watching Coops flow big tranny and bust out buttery coping grinds had me seriously craving a bowl session. Word on the street (and the park) is that this is just a taste of what’s to come (a video appetizer, if you will). Think of this edit as Cooper’s “resume” for the scooter community. Even if he’s not applying for anything at the moment, it’s always a good idea to keep the LinkedIn profile updated with the current skillsets. You never know what opportunities might come knockin’.”- by the Boss McMasher.

“Huge thanks to Hella Grip, The Vault Pro scooters, Radskootco, as well as Matt Thom and Hep Greg from TSI scooters and Andrew Broussard and River Wheel Co” – Cooper Klaar.


ADDITIONAL FILMING: Andrew Zamora Tyler Bonner Zac Lorenz Jacob Lengacher Noah Lewin Williams

Town Park Sesh 2019 {v.2}

September 8, 2019By hellagripBlog

The HG Homies head over to their favorite local park “Town Park” in Oakland Ca. for a little warm up sesh to start the Sunday Sesh off..

Featuring HG Homies: Ryan Myers, Andrew Haag, Trevor Crowell, Kirk Svensson, Anton Abramson & the Boss McMasher..

Filmed & Edited on September 8th 2019 with a iPhone X ..

Matt McKeen | The Passage

July 18, 2019By hellagripBlog

“You know it’s going to be a beautiful day when you wake up and realize that legendary shredder and Hella Grip Homie, Matt McKeen has released a new video. I feel like a World News anchor because I get to announce to y’all that today happens to be one of those euphoric days. Do you even care to read the rest of this now that you know an epically enjoyable edit awaits your hungry eyes? I’ll make it brief-ish and just focus on my sincere appreciation for everything that McKeen does to keep the world of scootering churning. Technically, the main purpose of this video is to promote his signature sheet of Hella Grip and newly-released shirt (both titled “The Passage”), but I think I can postulate that this is more about the promotion of perseverance and longevity. McKeen is already a Hall of Fame rider, so any footage we get to see of him is a huge gift to the realm of sports. The fact that he still shreds and improves as an older rider is a testament to the rewards of maintaining passion. If you’re a young rider, or older but just beginning to ride, I hope you can use athletes like McKeen as an example of the glory you can achieve in your latter years of athletic ability. While many guys/gals succumb to thoughts about slowing down towards their 30’s, McKeen has proven that you can fight through those fraudulent age barriers (Sorry to make him sound hella old, but I think most of you get what I’m talking about).” by the Boss McMasher..

Guest Riders: Kevin Closson, Anton Abramson, Andrew Haag, Addison McNaughton, Grant Schofield & Jack Colston..

Filmed by: Anton Abramson, Parrish Isaacs, Jon Hamrick, Jack Colston, Ryan Ruegg & Jonny 2B..