Stefan Hefner | Parting Gift

October 4, 2019By hellagripBlog

“I’ve been scootering since 2000 (great year), so I’ve been around for lots of those “retirement speeches” that riders have posted to forums and social media since the beginning of the sport. No disrespect to those retired guys ‘n’ gals, but I never really cared to read some drawn-out explanation of why they didn’t want to ride scooters anymore. It’s about as pointless and egotistical as someone announcing that they’re retiring from posting on Facebook or Instagram. When I saw that Hella Grip Homie, Stefan Hefner announced he couldn’t scooter anymore, I definitely paid attention and tried to understand the full story. So as not to regurgitate everything that Stefan has already announced, I’ll just say that Stefan is physically unable to scooter since being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. It’s rare and heartbreaking to hear a friend say they physically “can’t” do what they love to do; versus a friend who says they “don’t want to” do something anymore. As shocking as the news was, I was almost as surprised and humbled to learn that Stefan already had a finished video that he wanted to release through Hella Grip. Rather than describe the video myself, I’ll just use Stefan’s own words: “Somehow it came out to be the most beautiful video I’ve made and I’m sure you will agree. The run time is over 7 minutes with two songs. I hope you’ll watch it when it comes out, and show me some love. It really does mean a lot to me.” Stefan has titled this video, “Parting Gift.” It’s a beautifully fitting title, given the circumstances, but I’m sure all of us truly hope this isn’t the last footage we’ll see of Stefan doing his thang on a scooter.” by the Boss McMasher..

In honor of Stefan’s infamous gap in Hella Ruthless, we’ve immortalized the trick on a t-shirt. Now you can simply look under your nose if you need a reminder of how gnarly scootering can be (We all forget sometimes). The “Stefan Tee” is lightweight, slim-fitting, and 100% cotton… perfect for soaring over some massive gaps (Legal Notice: You probably won’t actually ride better with this shirt, but you probably won’t ride worse, and that’s just as important). I know it might seem like a bold fashion statement to rep a shirt that features a scooter trick sequence. The truth is, this shirt is only meant for the bold because it features one of the boldest badasses to ever shred. I’ll be wearing my shirt proudly, and I‘m hyped for anyone who’s fortunate enough to get their hands on one of these before they’re sold out at the Hella Grip Sloth Shop. In the meantime, treat your eyes to some timeless trickery by visiting Hella Grip’s YouTube page and watching Stefan’s video, “Parting Gift”..” by the Boss McMasher.. 💥ONLY AVAILABLE AT Sloth Shop – Click Here!!💥

Cooper Klaar : Resume

September 24, 2019By hellagripBlog

“We got quite the surprise the other day when The Homie, Cooper Klaar sent us this complete edit. I honestly can’t remember the last video that was this much fun to experience. Watching Coops flow big tranny and bust out buttery coping grinds had me seriously craving a bowl session. Word on the street (and the park) is that this is just a taste of what’s to come (a video appetizer, if you will). Think of this edit as Cooper’s “resume” for the scooter community. Even if he’s not applying for anything at the moment, it’s always a good idea to keep the LinkedIn profile updated with the current skillsets. You never know what opportunities might come knockin’.”- by the Boss McMasher.

“Huge thanks to Hella Grip, The Vault Pro scooters, Radskootco, as well as Matt Thom and Hep Greg from TSI scooters and Andrew Broussard and River Wheel Co” – Cooper Klaar.


ADDITIONAL FILMING: Andrew Zamora Tyler Bonner Zac Lorenz Jacob Lengacher Noah Lewin Williams

Town Park Sesh 2019 {v.2}

September 8, 2019By hellagripBlog

The HG Homies head over to their favorite local park “Town Park” in Oakland Ca. for a little warm up sesh to start the Sunday Sesh off..

Featuring HG Homies: Ryan Myers, Andrew Haag, Trevor Crowell, Kirk Svensson, Anton Abramson & the Boss McMasher..

Filmed & Edited on September 8th 2019 with a iPhone X ..