Pixel Sloth & Slumped in Paradise

December 4, 2018By hellagripBlog

“Still debating if SD images are cooler than HD? We’re blowing up that whole argument right now. Forget about 1080p, 720p and all the wannabe low-lifers claiming 240p resolution. If you’re a true visual genius, then you’re all about that LD life. I’m talking Low Definition… lower than 140p, baby! Smooth, round edges are for chumps in the 21st century. I need the assurance and precision that only a 90-degree-angled pixel from the 1980’s can give me. That’s why Hella Grip has gone all-in on the pixel party and produced TWO NEW GRIPTAPES (Both on Formula-C 6 x 24in):

SLUMPED IN PARADISE (S.I.P): This griptape looks exactly like the title suggests; a sloth getting super slumped-out on a pristine patch of beachside real estate. Nothing better than a pixel-perfect sunset to compliment the chill vibes. It’s reminiscent of a classic video game’s end credits after you finally beat the Mega Boss. If you find yourself battling a gnarly trick and need some extra motivation, you can always look down at your S.I.P griptape and visualize the evening’s reward for stacking that clip. Hella Grip doesn’t condone substance abuse, but every sloth has her own way of relaxing after a full day of getting stoked on the island of Gnarnia. Regardless of how you choose to get slumped, just be sure to stay safe and slothy (and watch out for land sharks… they prefer the sluggish essence of a slumped sloth).

PIXEL SLOTH: Why not visualize our OG Sloth as a retro video game title screen? If you were fortunate enough to come into contact with an Atari, NES or SEGA game console back in the day, you’ll definitely appreciate this 8-bit-era artwork. My only regret is that there isn’t an actual 8-bit video game to accompany this griptape. Who knows what kind of pixely adventures this Hyper-OG gamer sloth could endeavor? I’m imagining something like “Frogger” except with much slower road traffic. I could also see a slothy rendition of “Grand Theft Auto: Miami Vice” (The traffic could move at the same pace in this game… since our OG Vice Sloth would obviously be able to hijack police cars). I’ll leave the rest of the ideas to our sponsored coders.” by the Boss McMasher @mcmasher ..

iShack Denim by HG Homie Issac Miller

November 20, 2018By hellagripBlog

“Finally, a pair of jeans that fits… on your deck! We’re more than stoked to reveal “iShackDenim” by Issac Miller. No need to shed weight to shred these threads. I have to confess, I never imagined we would attempt to make such a bold fashion statement within the scooter scene. You can thank Hella Grip Homie and Head of Fashion, @i.shack for introducing this daring denim to our wardrobe of griptape. Issac sewed together his signature Hella Grip sheet just in time for the winter season (I know it’s approaching Summer in Australia, so maybe convert these hot jeans into a cool pair of jorts). The “Issac Miller” stitching on the pocket definitely adds of touch of high-class couture… certainly too classy for you Dickies-donning dudes and dudettes (No shame there… To each his own). Despite the high quality of this sheet, I doubt it has a thread count that would feel smooth on your skin if you tried to wear it. Since we haven’t figured out how to make denim-based griptape that functions properly, we opted to print Denim Miller on our Formula-C sheets of Hella Grip 6 x 24. Each sheet still has the same gritty texture as our classic sheets. As always, be sure to cop a sheet from your local scooter shop. They might even have an in-house tailor to hem your sheet to a specific deck size.” by the Boss @mcmasher .. #iShackDenim

Town Park Sesh 2018

November 18, 2018By hellagripBlog

The HG Homies head over to “Town Park” in Oakland Ca. for a little sesh; hella smoky day due to the fires in Northern California..

Featuring HG Homies: Anton Abramson, Kevin Closson, Ryan Myers and the Boss Addison McMasher..

Filmed on November 17 2018 with a iPhone X ..

Sloth Dot Griptape

November 13, 2018By hellagripBlog

“Many of you may have wondered, “Why are Hella Grip’s sloth graphics so lonely?” If you’re one of these philosophers, I can tell you that it wasn’t necessarily our intention to create so many single-sloth-sheets. We just figured it looked hella clean to place a solitary OG Sloth amongst a finite universe of pitch-black grip. That’s all about to change. We’ve created a sheet without an ultra-exclusive VIP list, where multiple OG Sloths can gather and party like polka dots. Hence, the Sloth Dot sheet. This new sheet, featuring uniformly arranged OG Sloths (we’re all about line-dancing at parties), is based on Hella Grip’s Sloth Dot socks (aka Hella Sox). As an added bonus, we’re simultaneously releasing this sheet in two different color schemes: white sloths on classic black grip, and black sloths on white grip (How fun!). The white griptape (aka Formula-W) is a new addition to our catalog of griptape styles, but it has the same gritty texture as our classic formula. Both Slot Dot colors are printed on our 6×24-inch sheets. Somewhere out in the universe, there’s a special badass who’s going to match their Sloth Dot Sox with this new Sloth Dot sheet. To that badass I say, “Welcome to the party. Enjoy the ride.””.. by the Boss McMasher (@mcmasher ) #SlothDot

Hella Classic Colorway – Ryan Myers

October 4, 2018By hellagripBlog

@ryanmyers007 or Ryan Myers [aka Ry Ry (pronounced Rye Rye like the bread, not Ree Ree like Rhianna)] is a person, to say the least. He’s much more than a person, however. He’s a friend, a brother, a son, a future great grandfather, and maybe a future world leader (Someone’s gonna need to govern Mars eventually). Most importantly, he’s a humble Hella Grip Homie and the non-self-proclaimed Full-Whip King. Such a king deserves only the royalist of royalties. Hence, the Ryan Myers signature Hella Grip Classic Colorway. Featuring hues of royal purple and gold-leaf yellow, Ryan’s signature colorway is meant for the noble offspring of the sacred Shredders bloodline. This sacred sheet is also an homage to the luxurious purple shirt, or should I say armor, that Ryan dons during his epic shred conquests. We’re going the extra distance with this colorway and printing it on our extra grippy Formula-G sheets (6 x 24 inch). Be sure to cop a sheet from your local scooter shop soon, so Royal Ry Ry can receive his royalty payment (Even the noblest of nobles have bills to pay)..” by the Boss McMasher ( @mcmasher )..